1. Chartering a bus allows you to forget about driving and relax

When you charter a bus to travel around Atlanta, you can concentrate on taking photos of the places you want to memorialize for your photo album. You can forget about the traffic and finding your way around a new city and simply enjoy the trip. Chartering a bus also lets you find places you want to explore later during your vacation.

2. Get a group together for the trip to save everyone money on vacationing

Most people travel with their family or a large group of friends. One of the best ways to save money on transportation is to split the price between a large group. If you have close to 20 people in your party, then it is going to be very inexpensive to charter a bus. The biggest advantage is that all of you get to travel and explore Atlanta together.

3. Learn about the most famous landmarks in the city

Oakland Cemetery is the oldest known cemetery in Atlanta spanning more than 88 acres. The cemetery was created in 1850 and is less than a mile from the downtown Atlanta area. The land is the resting place of famous settlers, people like Bobby Maynard, and some of America’s first builders. There are old Magnolia trees, sculptures, a botanical preserve, and so much history to explore.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site has several buildings on the property. People come from all over the world to see the church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached with his father in 1960. You can even visit the home where the famous speaker lived and played as a child. You can see where the man learned his values and began his work as a civil rights activist.

4. Add to your historical knowledge

The Atlanta History Center could be just the place to add to your itinerary if you love history. You can explore early America with a tour of the Swan House filled with decor from the 1930’s. The complex sits on 33 acres of land. The Smith Family Farm is a unique place to visit because it has working machinery from the 1860’s. The entire farm is operated with equipment and methods from that era. The center has won awards for their exhibits, and they often host famous authors who give inspiring lectures to the public.

5. Find out the history of the Olympic games in 1996

If you love the Olympics as many Americans do, then you will love seeing and hearing about Centennial Olympic Park. Find out about local events like the Brew on the Bricks and the Shaky Beats Festival that are held on the grounds. In April, there are several dog competitions held at the park including fetching and swimming competitions for people to watch. Charter guides can help describe activities, tell you where to sign up for events, and help you learn about the history of each event at Centennial Olympic Park.

6. Discover places you may not have considered visiting with Atlanta Charter buses

The High Museum of Art may not be on your short list of places to visit, but you might be surprised to find out that it is the leading art museum of the Southwest. They have wine auctions, college nights, and exclusive exhibits featuring pieces from the Civil Rights Movement and other popular showcases.

7. Experience the stunning beauty of Atlanta’s green spaces

The lush foliage and garden oasis in Atlanta are some of the most beautiful areas in the entire country, according to many. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is full of exceptional species of flowers, trees, and other plants. They have an orchid display that is featured each year in the Orchid Daze Festival that draws thousands of guests each year. The exhibit features dozens of orchid species growing in unique ways and areas. You will be pleasantly surprised to see them growing from tree trunks in their glorious natural state.

Piedmont Park is a recreational area that has been in existence since 1904. The park hosts exercise clubs, camps, bird walks, artisan festivals, and fresh food markets. The ball fields are all centralized in one convenient area to maximize the space of relaxation. You can take the family pet with you because there is a dog park on the premises. You can also plan to go swimming, fishing, or biking at the park once you see how large it is when your bus stops so that the driver can tell you all about the area.

8. Learn about Turner Field on your charter tour

Letting the driver take the wheel gives you and your family the chance to learn more about famous attractions like Turner Field and the Atlanta Braves. A charter tour bus driver knows the history of the team, stats about the most famous players, and the best place to eat before the game.

9. Dive into the World of Coca-Cola

You can find your inner kid and let loose for a while by visiting the World of Coca-Cola to meet the famous Coca-Cola Polar Bear. Sample fountain Coke and enjoy learning about the history of the company while visiting. You can even sign up for a VIP tour. Your charter bus driver can help you decide if this is a stop you want to include on your list of places to explore.

10. Save the hassle of coordination by chartering a bus

Forget about figuring out who is riding in who’s rental car. Do not worry about meeting places and times. Stay on track by traveling together on an Atlanta charter bus. Let the driver do the driving and you can learn about the city from someone who is an expert on the subject. The ability to split the cost of the bus rental is an added bonus to the charter bus amenities and the expert knowledge of the driver.