Atlanta Conventions & Events

When people think of a vacation, they think of going somewhere new that they have never been before and enjoying a unique features of that region. When people go to a city such as Atlanta, they have a lot of expectations. They expect a dose of intellectual intrigue and stimulation. They expect to spend their time learning something new about their own culture and their history. Similarly, they may expect to find a wild nightlife. They want to be able to mingle with the locals and see some of the local entertainment. There are a lot of impending events in city of Atlanta that have compelled a lot of people to charter a bus to the great city.

Mike Epps At Phillip Arena

Laughter is perhaps one of the most pleasant experiences that a human being can enjoy. A great night is characterized by a lot of laughter. You will spend the night laughing so hard that your sides hurt, unable to gain your composure. When you share that with a group of friends, and everybody is laughing, it is a great experience and a night to remember. It is something people recall for years to come, and every time they think of the funny experience or joke, a jolt of laughter comes out. When you see a professional comedian such as Mike Epps, you will have a night much like that.


Live entertainment and shows is perhaps the oldest form of entertainment in western culture. It is how our ancestors spent their weekends as the day washed off of them. They would consume themselves in the drama, tragedy and laughter of the story that was unfolding before their eyes. This has widely been replaced by Hollywood. However, many still hold to the old form of entertainment and see their artistic mastery for what it is. It is particularly preserved at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. They often put on performances. Tourists come from everywhere to see these brilliant actors and actresses to display these characters and put on this form of entertainment that our ancestors enjoyed for generations. DreamGirls is starring the brilliant actress, known as Jennifer Holliday.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The people of Atlanta are devoted fans of their Atlanta Hawks. They have drawn crowds throughout the years, whether in years of victory or in years of defeat. With the impending season, many are eager to see how their Hawks have grown throughout the offseason. Those who see the Atlanta Hawks play the Cleveland Cavaliers will be part of the excitement. They will be consumed by the roar of the crowd and will begin to understand why the people of Atlanta are so devoted to their team. The people who visit often see fantastic three-pointers, brilliant finesse as the Hawks maneuver past the defenders and slam dunk right over them. It is an intense game of back and forth intensity with a lot of energy. It is a captivating way to spend an evening.

The Real Blockhead @ IRIS

There is very little that compares to the art of New York. Whether painters or singers or actors, New York has always yielded a unique class of artists. The Real Blockhead hails from Manhattan and has a large following of devoted fans. Anybody who goes to one of the concerts will have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy great music. There will be a lot of energy and a lot of opportunity. There are scarcely better opportunities for somebody to relieve their stress and let out their mental energy than to go to a concert like this one.

The Fanie Lou Homer Story

Atlanta is one of the centers of human rights. The city has come a long way over the years, but is ultimately remembered as the home of Martin Luther King Jr's social movement. It is the city who has fought for and defended equality of persons. Today, the Center For Civil And Human Rights memorializes that long struggle. Anybody who wants to learn about the history of the development of the rights of African-Americans and other minority groups should stop by and take a tour. Anybody who is interested in learning about one of the darkest parts of their history should see how it was overcome. Many have found that at the Center For Civil And Human Rights, they are particularly interested in the opera known as The Fanie Lou Hamer Story.

Walt Whitman Lecture

There are many literature enthusiasts throughout the United States. American novelists are widely regarded as some of the most creative thinkers to come out of our culture. Fields of study such as literary criticism are devoted to uncovering the mysteries of the writer's parables and metaphors. There is cultural commentary in many of our author's greatest pieces of literature. Many people devote their entire careers to gleaning insight from others' work and relaying it to the audience. That is why there are so many events, such as those Walt Whitman Lectures, at the Atlanta History Center.

Dive-In Theater

People are always looking for new ways to blend different forms of entertainment. This is particularly evident at parks such as Six Flags. It is a great place to spend the day, especially to take the children (as there are few joys that are greater for parents than to see their children full of laughter). But the Dive-In Theater have been particularly alluring. Six Flags has a massive movie screen looming over a pool. Throughout the summer, every Thursday, they are going to play feature films, such as Inside Out, Big Hero 6, Cinderella, Anne, The Lego Movie, and much more.

Many people recognize that Atlanta is a great place to visit. Companies will take all of the employees on a day trip or perhaps just a group of friends or family want a few days away. The Atlanta calendar is full of fun events.