Travel By Bus This Memorial Day Weekend


When you think of Memorial Day Weekend, the first question you ask yourself is, “where the heck are we going?” Often at times when you get Monday off it can feel like you just won the lottery. We know that planning a big weekend can throw you for a loop, especially if you are trying to get a big group together. This Memorial Day Weekend don’t get caught up in the hassle of trying to arrange travel plans, try something new and reserve a bus for your family and friends. Coordinating fun activities and sleeping arrangements is already enough to handle, why not sit back and let someone else do the driving? This year is deemed to be the busiest Memorial Day Weekend in years. Soak in your time off and have someone else navigate through traffic and figure out directions.

Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses


There is no other place to be for memorial day than at the beach. Sit back, relax and catch some rays. This is the perfect time to round up the troops and hit the road together to the nearest wave. Thousands of Americans every year travel to beaches to getaway from work and life stress. Places such as Virginia Beach, Hilton Head and up and down the Gulf Of Mexico are hot spots for the perfect Memorial getaway.  Virginia Beach hosts a variety of Memorial Day activities throughout the weekend. Enjoy the Memorial Day BYOB cook-off or the Memorial Day Fun Run.  If you do not live particularly near these places and you want to get a large group there and back, charter a bus and get everyone there in a cost effective way. Yes you heard that right, cost effective. Everyone can split the cost and spend money on the stuff that really matters. This way everyone arrives on time and all in one piece, while also having plenty of storage for all of your luggage. It’s a win, win.

Your Nation’s Capital Is Waiting


Keep it classic. Take a trip to Washington D.C. and celebrate Memorial Day the right way. Pay tribute to America’s heroes and spend time attending activities in our Nation’s capital. Washington D.C. has many activities and events planned for the weekend that will leave you feeling patriotic. Attend the largest Memorial Day parade in the country or go see the free Nation Memorial Day Concert on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Aside from all of the events going on, you can also take a moment and check out the many memorials around Washington that celebrate our Nation’s history. Aside from all of the events going on, you can also take a moment and check out the many memorials around Washington that celebrate our Nation’s history. The Lincoln Memorial is one of the many spots that needs to be on your list to visit this Memorial Day Weekend. Looking over the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, this is one attraction that will take your breath away. Remember those who fought and for this country and take a stroll down the National Mall. Tour the memorials that are dedicated to the veterans who served in America’s wars. Spend this holiday weekend in Washington D.C. and you will not be disappointed. Whether you are traveling with family and friends or have planned a trip with your company or organization, the best way to get everyone there is to rent a bus and all ride together. This makes it easy to travel from one attraction to another as a group, so nobody gets left behind. With not having to worry about transportation you can focus on your itinerary.

Become One With National Parks

Grand Canyon National Park

Find solitude in America’s national parks and travel to your favorite ones this Memorial Day Weekend. Scale Yosemite’s Half Dome or go white water rafting through the Grand Canyon, the possibilities are endless. Don’t worry about securing a camping spot under the stars, get a hiking trail or summit peak all to yourself. Hike up your enthusiasm and pick to go camp and explore the ever so beautiful Yellowstone National Park. Being a volcanic hotspot, experience something like never before. Dramatic canyons, lush green forests, winding rivers and hot springs fill this 3,500-sq.-mile park. Lodge or camp at this site and let your weekend be full of the wonderful wilderness. If you are planning on going to see the Grand Canyon, do a little research on activities to do before hand. There are many things to see and do, so you want to make the most out of your 3 day weekend. Check out the view from the South Rim that shows off sweeping panoramas. Get a little exercise and take a hike up Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge or Skeleton Point. These hikes have some of the most expansive views, so you can soak in all of the beauty. If you are planning on traveling with a small or large group, rent a bus to get you there are back. This is an easy way to ensure everyone and all of your belongings are in one place. Never have to worry if you have left something in someone else’s car. Leave your stuff on your bus seat or in a designated storage compartment. Mind. Blown. We just made your life easier.

Lets Have Some Fun – Atlanta to Louisville

 Atlanta to Louisville – Places to See

When you are chartering a bus from Atlanta, GA to Louisville, KT, make your trip even better and visit some of the exciting attractions on the way. Stop and explore places like the North Georgia Mountains and Nashville. These are sites you and your group are not going to want to miss.

Take a look at some of the locations we put together along the way to make your trip the best one yet.

#1 Kennesaw Mountain

Fall color image of Kennesaw Mountain Park

Need a rush of adrenaline to star your trip off right? You and your group should stop at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Rich in history, 160,000 Union and Confederate soldiers fought on the land that is now Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. If history is not your thing, you and your group can take a hike up one of the beautiful trails on Kennesaw Mountain during your visit. With scraping views of the Appalachian Mountains, this is one spot you will not want to skip out on.

#2 Chattanooga

Panorama landscape of Chattanooga on the Tennessee River as seen from Chickamauga Dam

Chattanooga, TN is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Being at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the views will take your breath away. Not only is the natural scenery incredible, but so are the many attractions tourists come to see throughout the year.

Named one of the top 10 waterfalls to see on Earth, Ruby Falls is located in the southern part of Tennessee at Lookout Mountain. The entire area is one filled with gorgeous scenery. This underground waterfall is shown to the public through guided tours. See the 145-foot waterfall and also take a zip line adventure through the surrounding greenery above ground. This is a fun outdoor experience everyone in your group will enjoy.

Beans Creek Winery

Vineyard rows with blue sky

For those of you in your group that are of age, visit the award winning, Beans Creek Winery. Located in Manchester, TN, this winery is considered one of the best wineries North of the Tennessee River. With beautiful green landscaping and various wines to chose from, people come from all over the state and southeast to get a taste for them selves. This is a great stop for anyone that appreciates fine wine and good company.


Kindergarten Teacher and Kid Playing with Wooden Building Blocks

Murfreesboro, Tennessee is a beautiful city that has many activities to offer. With many museums, restaurants and shopping, Murfreesboro is a great spot to stop and explore.

If you and your group have children riding along on your trip, break things up a bit and stop at a children’s museum. The Discovery Center, provides hands on experiences for both children and parents. They also offer a nature center and wetlands boardwalk so you and your group can enjoy some fresh air. This is perfect for when children get antsy and need to take a pit stop.


An empty star from the Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California.

Who doesn’t like Nashville? We could go on and on about the many wonderful sites to see in this historic musical town.

One spot that sticks out to us is the Music City Walk of Fame. This landmark is a mile long tribute to artists from all genres and industry professionals that helped shape the music industry into what it is today. It is located in the heart of Music City, where people come from all over the country to see where some of the best musical acts got started.

Smokey Pig Bar-B-Q

BBQ Roast Marinated Baby Back Pork Ribs Close-up On Hot Flaming Grill Background

Located in good ole Bowling Green, Kentucky, Smokey Pig Barb-B-Q is considered by locals to be the best barbecue in the state. With slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches and creamy mac n’ cheese, even celebrities have frequented this spot. I’m sure you and your group will be hungry by now, so this is a great place to stop and get a real taste of down home cookin’.

Mammoth Cave Adventures

Young woman in casual wearing with red helmet riding on a zip line in the mountains. Active kind of recreation

If you and your group want to really get up and stretch your legs, take a stop at Mammoth Cave Adventures located in Cave City, Kentucky. Take a zip line through a canopy of trees or go on a horseback ride through the breathtaking views of the lush green forests. They also offer a super swing of a 40-foot pendulum that will be sure to knock you off your feet. This is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some time in nature.

Louisville, Here We Come!

Now you are an hour and 23 minutes from Louisville, you got this! If you choose to charter a bus from Atlanta to Louisville, we hope that these various locations make your trip to your final destination ten times better. We would love to hear about your trip and how you enjoyed each stop, so please let us know how it went!

Making the Most of Traveling from Atlanta to Orlando

 Atlanta to Orlando – Places to See

If you are chartering a bus from Atlanta to Orlando and want to make the most of it, then look no further. The journey from Atlanta to Orlando is full with ideal locations to take a pit stop and enjoy the scenery. Schedule a few stops along the way to make it the best trip of your life.

We’ve put together some locations along the way to get your trip started, the first one being closest to Atlanta.

#1 Macon

Macon, Georgia, USA downtown skyline.

Macon, GA is located only 85 miles south of Atlanta, where it rightfully received the nickname “the Heart of the South.” Sitting near the fall line of the Ocmulgee River, Macon is home to many sites that are worth your time seeing.

If anyone in your group is a music fan, then visiting The Big House is a perfect stop to make. This is the Allman Brothers Band Museum, where the band’s history and how they became such a large sensation is showcased. The house is open for tours and often holds special events throughout the year. Get a sense of how the Allman Brothers Band lived during their glory days and how they became so successful.

Another wonderful place to visit in Macon is the The Museum of Arts and Sciences. This museum is unique in that it displays exhibits from the arts, sciences and humanities. From modern to traditional art to entertaining and educational scientific explorations, this museum offers something for everyone. The attractions in this museum are constantly changing with hands-on activities, live animal habitats and an outstanding observatory.

#2 Savannah

Waterfront Savannah Historic District at night

Savannah, GA is one city you definitely cannot skip out on. This location holds some of Georgia’s richest history and culture. With many museums, restaurants and antebellum architecture, Savannah is a classic city filled with extreme livelihood. Located on the Savannah River, the city is best known for its Spanish moss, masterful parks and horse-drawn carriages.

One of Savannah’s best known attractions is the ever-so beautiful, River Street. With cobble stone pavements and historic buildings, this road lines the Savannah River and boy is the view breathtaking. There are many restaurants and shops that run alongside River Street, allowing you to take a stop and grab a bite to eat. Throughout the year many events are held here. Check out what events are going on during your trip and make the best of your visit.

#3 Saint Simons Island

An American flag in a public park with grass and trees on the coast

Saint Simons Island is a great spot to take a break and get some sun. During the warmer months, the beach area floods with people from all over the Southeast. Not only are the beaches a great place to gather and hangout but also the St. Simons Pier Village District. This is considered the downtown social hub of Saint Simons, including restaurants, shops, oak shaded picnic areas and playgrounds. Located right next to the beach, this makes this stop worth your while.

#4 Jacksonville

Jacksonville Florida Downtown waterfront

Jacksonville is located on the St. John’s River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Known for being a regional business center, Jacksonville has much more to offer than just that. Take a trip to one of its beaches or plan a visit to one of the many local attractions.

Taking your group to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens will never disappoint a crowd. And who doesn’t like the zoo, right? With various animal attractions, restaurants, manicured gardens and gift shops, this is one location you should definitely make it to while traveling down to Orlando.

If you and your group are nature fans, then making a stop at the Big Talbot Island State Park is for you. This park is a natural preserve and is a prime spot for nature studying, bird watching and photography. With several trails to hike and various water activities, this is a great place to get out and stretch your legs.

#5 St. Augustine

Historic Saint Augustine Fort in Florida.

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is deemed as being the oldest city in the United States. This spectacular city is known for its Spanish colonial architecture and white sandy beaches. If you or anyone in your group is a history buff, this is the place to be.

The Castillo de San Marcos National Monument allows you to explore over 340 years of history in North America. Located on the shore of Matanzas Bay, it is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Take a tour of the fort and learn how cannon drills were performed hundreds of years ago.

#6 Daytona

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA beachfront skyline.

Daytona Beach, Florida is another hotspot for family fun and beautiful beaches. There are many restaurants and shops in the downtown Daytona area that are great for you and your group to stop at before reaching your final destination.

One restaurant that many of the locals and tourists flock to is Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. If you have ever seen the movie, Forrest Gump, then you will love eating at this restaurant. The entire place pulls from themes of the film while also incorporating the famous shrimp dishes named in the movie.

Another great place to visit is The Daytona Lagoon. Nothing beats having some fun in the sun at this park. There are many activities to do while you are there. There is miniature golf, laser tag, go karting and a water park full of splashing rides.

Orlando Here You Come!

You are exactly one hour from Orlando now. If you choose to charter a bus from Atlanta to Orlando, we hope you enjoy your journey to your final destination. We want to hear about all of your adventures while riding with Atlanta Charter Bus Company, let us know what you think!